tristanfey (tristanfey) wrote,

Optical Illusion of the Day

    This is my new addition to the "Fact of the Day" and "Word of the Day" posts that I do.  If it's popular, I will attempt to find more to keep this going.  With that said here is the premiere of the "Optical Illusion of the Day".

The Illusion located at the previous link will show 12 pink dots aligned in a circle (think clock format) with a black "+" in the center.  One pink dot travels around the circle.  If you keep your eyes focused on the "moving" dot it nothing will change.  If you focus on the black "+" in the center the moving dot will turn green.  Focus long enough on the "+" (and nothing else) the rest of the pink dots will disappear.  Remember if you notice a dot or more disappear and you go to focus on them they will reappear, so stay focused on the "+".
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